Terms of sale


1. The Hotbath Srl list prices are subject to the application of VAT at the rate in force at the time of billing. 
The manufacturer reserves the right to change the prices or the pricelist without prior notice.

2. With the transmission of the order proposal, the retailer accepts all our sales and delivery conditions, as listed hereafter. 
The order is binding for the retailer, while Hotbath Srl is only subject to its terms after issue of the order confirmation.
Order cancellations or modifications are only acceptable within 48 hours of receiving your order confirmation from Hotbath Srl.
Delivery times as stated in the order confirmation are not binding and should be intended as barring any unforeseen circumstances, including but not limited to natural disasters, riots, company or transport strikes, fires, power outages, lack or delayed delivery of raw materials and any other unpredictable event.
In no case, however, can they give rise to reimbursements or compensations from Hotbath Srl.
The company reserves the right to process the order with partial shipments.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, the supply of the products is intended ex-works: consequently, transport and insurance are the retailer’s responsibility, even when it is agreed that delivery shall be taken care of by the manufacturer, in which case the latter shall act as the retailer’s delegate, on the understanding that the goods shall be carried at the retailer’s risk. 
Risks relating to supply shall be transferred to the retailer when the products leave the manufacturer’s premises.

4. Whatever the agreement between the manufacturer and the retailer governing the transport of the products, quality control must be carried out and any faults reported within eight days of receipt of the goods. 
The addressee is obliged to check incoming goods and present complaints regarding any damages directly to the transporter, who is responsible for them. 
The addressee is entitled and the transporter is obliged to check the delivery and indicate any reservations on the Delivery Document. 
The wording “WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHECK” is not sufficient.

5. Hotbath Srl guarantees its products and their conformity for 24 months from the delivery date, within the limits of DPR 222/224 24/05/88 and in compliance with the European Directives in force. 
Product conformity means the correspondence in terms of quality, quantity and type to that stated in the agreement and that the products are free from faults which might make them unsuitable for the purpose for which they were created. 
The product fault warranty is limited to faults in the material or construction which can be traced back to the manufacturer.

6. The product warranty shall be applicable at the following conditions:
a. The receipt or other proof of purchase must be kept by the buyer.
b. The request for replacement/repair accompanied by documentation must be presented to the retailer where the product was purchased.
c. Faulty material must be delivered free to our premises.
d. The material will be checked immediately upon receipt. Should the complaint be founded, the product will be replaced and delivered free to destination. If the complaint is not founded, the reasons will be declared using the quickest and most appropriate means of communication.

7. The warranty shall automatically cease to be valid in the following cases:
a. If the product has not been installed by qualified personnel and/or no test certificate has been issued.
b. If the buyer does not carry out the necessary ordinary and special maintenance, as indicated in the installation booklet.
c. If the product has been interfered with by the user.
d. If the operating fault is due to unauthorised intervention on the product.

8. Any delay or irregularity in payments shall entitle the manufacturer to suspend supplies or to terminate the agreements in progress. 
From the expiry of payment, the manufacturer is entitled to apply interest on arrears in compliance with the legislation in force. 
Delayed payment also entitles the manufacturer to withdraw the warranty for the duration of the arrears.

9. Hotbath Srl reserves the right to make technical and aesthetic changes to its products at any time, without prior notice.

10. Any dispute shall be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Court of LUCCA.

11. In compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003, Hotbath Srl hereby declares that the data made available by the customer shall be processed in observance of the law on the defence of privacy.

12. All the above sale conditions are considered as accepted in full with transmission of an order.